Thursday, 9 September 2010

Holiday Haul - Outlet Shopping at The Mall, Leccio, Florence

Because I am like, totally way cultural and stuff, one of the things I was most looking forward to on my holiday to Tuscany was a visit to The Mall. The Mall is designer outlet shopping at its finest (I haven't been to the Chanel outlet in NY yet though, so I could be convinced otherwise). 

There are all sorts of designer outlets in the area, some direct from the factory, others are purpose built like The Mall, which holds shops from Dior to Pucci, Marni to Balenciaga and most importantly for me - YSL. 

In the past I've found Balenciaga trousers for 40 euros, YSL platforms for 100 euros and an Alexander McQueen Novak bag for about 200 euros - so I was anticipating some good buys...and I wasn't disappointed...

See how way cultural and arty I am? I arranged my purchases into a still life. Impressive, huh?

Bag - YSL Muse Two 
Shoes on left - Marni 
Shoes on right - Marni 

Can't decide which ones to get? I walked around the Marni shop like this for a good 20 minutes trying to decide before thinking what the heck and getting them both. I think the poor shop assistant was relived to get rid of me. 

And, finally a massive Gucci tote bag. I know! Very unlike me to buy something Gucci (the queues in the Gucci shop are the biggest, with people buying anything with the Gucci logo stamped all over it, ick), but for €120 I thought this was worth it. The bonus is it only says Gucci in tiny print by the butterfly so no one ever needs to know. Phew. 

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