Tuesday, 21 September 2010

To Be Adored - the tba dress

I've got my brother staying me with, which means not much time to blog or take photos - indeed if I took a picture right now all you would see are suitcases, towels and random Italian toys flung everywhere...and a talcum powder explosion (long story). 

So, a picture from last week. I almost didn't buy this dress when I saw it in the Urban Outfitters sale, but it's now my go to outfit for a smart / casual evening out. It's got a great cut and the tie front means you can eat without worrying about showing off any food baby. Handy for a greedy one like me. 

Dress - tba (to be adored)
Bag - Chanel 
Shoes - Chloe 

1 comment:

Mikaela said...

That dress looks absolutely beautiful on you, and I love the combination with the shoes! :)

x, Mikaela


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