Monday, 18 October 2010

Christopher Kane S/S 11 - My Picks

Look 15 of 36. Words cannot express how much I love this dress. 

Look 31 of 36. More feminine than I would usually go for, but it's so ornate I can't help but imagine this being worn to the world's raddest garden party with massive big black boots

Look 6 of 36. Up close I have been reliably informed that the leather looks amazing - I love the simplicity of the cut here, I have no idea what wearing laser cut leather would be like in the summer but I'd give it a try. 

Look 9 of 36. The colour of this jacket is amazing. I love how lady like it is, but I don't think many people would wear it to meet the Queen - therefore it is the perfect mix of punk and prim. 

Look 27 of 36. I love the tattoo print, which I assume Christopher Kane will produce on t-shirts...I hope so! 

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