Sunday, 17 October 2010

The Kodak Memory Lane

I love this photo. My Grandad worked for Kodak, from the sweeping boy to regional manager, and as photography took off my Grandad was there, taking pictures of his family. We grew up with cameras everywhere (my Uncle was a professional photographer as well) and it was accepted and expected that the whole family should document everything with Kodak film. 

During the holidays we would all get together and spread a sheet over the dining room arch to watch slide shows of all my Grandad's photos (he shot on slides not film). It's my Uncle the photographer, my Aunt and my Dad (that order R-L) in the late 1950's in this pic. They're wearing towels as cloaks and my Uncle is carrying a small model sail boat. They must have been for a day at the beach and traipsing home, I'd love to know what they'd been playing. As a teenager and 20 something I refused to be captured on film, but now I take photos all of the time (of myself and everything I do). I'm glad I do because looking back through pictures like this reminds me of why we take them - in years to come we'll see the moments we can never have again (or in this case, never had) and the memories will come flooding back. I am forever grateful for my Grandad for giving me the chance to see the life my Dad and my family lived as they grew up, if only a part of it. 

Photo - R.B.Barnes - please don't use without permission, ta x

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KALIN said...

Rad photo. I miss film.

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