Tuesday, 26 October 2010

English Eccentrics

Um, I think I was channeling Helena Bonham Carter yesterday. That's all I can say in my defence. I bought these jeans for £5 in the Topshop sale and I love the bronze studs all over them, but if I pair them with black I look like the biggest rock wannabe loser of all time (I lack the attitude, I mean I get stressed about missing my train or not getting the magazine in Sunday papers). So I thought I'd try some florals, and then re-discovered some brogues I'd forgotten about, and all of a sudden I'm dressed like a nutter. I have a long history of crazy outfits - from my teenage ties / shirts / tartan trouser combo following The Levellers around, to my "Hungarian lesbian peasant" look at college, a term my Mother coined. Isn't she tres charmante?

Scarf - Urban Outfitters 
Top - Primark 
Jeans - Topshop 
Shoes - River Island 

1 comment:

The Disco Pony Girl (CEO and Designer at Disco Pony) said...

Wowzas! Those Jeans are incredible!!! £5!!! Lucky you!!!
I might have ot make me a pair of these bad boys!
I have tried following many times, but it wont let me do it... I shall keep trying!


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