Wednesday, 13 October 2010

I Die! Bananas! Shut it down!

I feel a bit like I'm dressing up as Rachel Zoe in this outfit (translation = I feel swamped whilst wearing very silly high heels), but sadly there is no Brad around to cheer me up. Rachel fired Brad - can you believe it? He was the best thing on that show! I know she's got great clients and is very powerful in the world of celebrity fashion, and has great catchphrases (above) but she's not exactly television gold. If I were still in telly it would be rebranded as the Brad and Roger show. 

None of this will make ANY sense if you don't watch The Rachel Zoe Project. And you should. Cos it's great. 

Jumper - Topshop
Scarf - Urban Outfitters 
Trousers - Balenciaga (from The Mall)
Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell 

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