Monday, 11 October 2010

The Shirt Obituary

This outfit post, a reminder of what I wore on Saturday, now feels like an obituary. Alas, the shirt is no more. A mere 5 hours after putting on this shirt (yet another Housing Works thrift $1 purchase) it had ripped. I now know that silk shirts and the flinging of ones self across the sofa to get into a good reclining position to read the weekend papers are not compatible. I took the shirt to my Mum, hoping she could mend it. Instead she stole for a planned silk patchwork. Hmupf. This is the danger of being the clothes-whore* offspring of a fabric-whore**. 

* & ** Don't get upset, I mean whore in the Northern sense of whore - pronounced something like "ho-eer", meaning a slatternly woman who is dirty or untidy (or in this case a person unable to contain said objects of collection in one's abode) rather than a prostitute. 

Jacket - Zara
Silk Shirt (RIP) - Housing Works Thrift Store
Leggings - H&M
Boots - Russell & Bromley
Bangles - ASOS
Watch - Chanel 

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