Friday, 15 October 2010

Natalia Vodianova and the case of the velvet slippers

Natalia Vodianova is without a doubt a beautiful woman. But over the past few years the thing that has always struck me about her have been her most excellent shoe choices. Always practical, chic and unexpected - she is a bit of a shoe muse for me. It started in a lovely family photo shoot for Vogue a few years ago when she wore a pair of lace up jazz shoes / brogues with a ball dress that had me searching for something similar for yonks - dainty yet dressy - these shoes were a marvel.

Then, a little while back Hanneli snapped her in a new pair of beautiful shoes outside the Paris (I think, the site is down?) fashion shows. This time it was slippers, you know the velvet type, the likes of which are usually found on the feet of very rich men as they trot off to the drawing room for a cigar. I later found out they cost OVER A THOUSAND POUNDS from Tom Ford. That's why they're only seen on rich men...these puppies are pricey...Marks and Sparks they are not. 

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After much searching for an alternative I have decided the Office version look too cheap, the Tom Ford's are too expensive (duh), the Jimmy Choo leopard print would be fab but are sold out worldwide and the Church's ones are ideal but at £210 might have to wait until the residual guilt of my latest Selfridges shopping spree wears off (oh crap, it might never wear off, I've been pretty f-ing bad, I can't even post what I bought because then it becomes real. Pants, pants, pants). 

Aren't these nice Church's slippers? Am thinking tailored black trousers, white silk shirt, oversized grey cashmere cardie. I would need a silk shirt and cashmere cardie to do this, however. 

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Assia said...

the churchs are nice, but expensive. i got a pair of Del Toro slippers for myself. They are cheaper than Churchs or Tom Ford, or Stubbs and Wootton, but they are great quality!

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