Wednesday, 20 October 2010

The Clothes That Got Away

When I was about 15 my friend and I became obsessed with an editorial in the (then new) magazine Nylon. It featured a girl in a series of bright block colour wigs shaped into long bobs wearing various takes on men's tailoring. One of the photos had the model in a blue wig wearing a white blazer. Oh! How we coveted that blazer and spent ages dreaming up ways to own one whilst listening to the Wu Tang Clan in our bedrooms. But alas, we only usually had enough money to share a Happy Meal from McDonalds and buy a travelcard that could take us to Central London where we could roam free, clothes purchasing was a strictly parental affair but a white blazer was deemed unsuitable and impractical and forever remained an item of clothing that got away*.  

Two years ago, at an age when an Happy Meal is no longer considered adequate sustenance, I came across this white sequin blazer and immediately recalled that image that I spent hours staring at. I bought it not only for myself now, but my 15 year old self sitting in her bedroom in Lewisham. 

Sequin Blazer - Zara 
Top - American Apparel 
Trousers - Zara 
Shoes - Primark 

* Other items of clothing that got away include a pink Lacoste cardigan, blue velvet hipster trousers (after the Tom Ford Gucci collection I wanted them soooooo badly but the High Street moved at a glacial pace back then), perspex Prada wedges from the S/S 98 collection (I visited them every other day in Harrods for weeks) and black buckled heeled boots (they were too expensive so I bought a white version for £20 in the Topshop sale and tried to dye didn't work). 

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