Sunday, 17 October 2010

Feeling the 1970's with the aid of Jessica Simpson...? Yup I said it.

There's something about these rust coloured trousers that makes me come over all 1970's like, it's partly the pleating but also the, well, rustiness of them. 

As soon as I had them on I was off searching my house for one of my most recent purchases to wear with it- a big floppy leopard print hat from T.K.Maxx. This was not an intentional buy, but an involuntary acquisition that found itself in my basket when all I'd gone in for were some kitchen related stocking fillers for the family (we're super big on stockings - they are the main gift giving in our house). 

When I got home to cut off the price tag  I realised to my horror that I had just bought a product sold under the Jessica Simpson brand name. Seriously. What will happen now? Will I mistake buffalo wings for actual buffalo rather than the much more likely poultry? Will I break up with my hairdresser? Start dating unsuitable football players? Or make crappy travel-lite documentaries for MTV in which I display the cultural sensitivity of Nick Griffin? I'm scared. Really scared. 

Hat - Jessica Simpson from T.K.Maxx
T-Shirt - Rodarte 
Faux Fur Jacket - Primark 
Trousers - Whistles 
Wedges - Primark 

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