Saturday, 30 October 2010

Halloween Pt 1

It's the day before Halloween, which means I'm listening to the Labyrinth soundtrack, the house is covered in Martha Stewart print outs and pumpkins are waiting to be carved  (waiting because I've misplaced the bloody carving implements). Whilst I undergo my preparations I thought it only proper to wear something appropriately spooky - I bought this dress in Topshop a couple of years ago because the print looks like a haunted wood and I can imagine Sleepy Hollow going on in the background somewhere. Wouldn't it be awesome if Johnny Depp came free with selected clothes? 

Please also note my Halloween nails...I did them last night after the best part of a bottle of wine, so they are bit wonky. I used Barry M Instant Effects on the green nails and a black nail art pen to draw cobwebs on the orange. I tried to get my Mum to help with the right hand cobwebs, but sadly she was as squiffy as me. My family are all total lushes. FACT.

T-Shirt - Uniqlo 
Dress - Topshop 
Tights - M&S
Boots - Topshop 
Fang & Blood Necklaces - H&M

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Love the dress (and your style in general).

There's nothing better than haunted woods on clothes. I remember a few years ago, when I fell completely in love with a Tsumori Chisato dress with ghosts lurking behind trees. Sadly I couldn't afford it :-(

Happy Halloween!

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