Friday, 30 July 2010

Acne Inspiration

I think on Saturday I may take a little stroll down to Dover Street and have a long overdue scope out of Dover Street Market and the new Acne store.

I love browsing in Dover Street Market, but I rarely buy - I find the whole place slightly restrictive, the way that shops get when they concentrate too much on being trendy rather than actually selling stuff to people who have money in their pockets. 

I am especially looking forward to seeing the Acne town house, mostly because I have become a serial buyer of the brand in Liberty and getting to browse a more complete range will be a treat. If only the shop had opened earlier I might have got to see these jeans in the flesh.

I am obsessed with the C3-PO style knee details of the S/S10 trousers. A great deal of thought has gone into how I can re-create this, but other than shacking up with a metal worker I am at a loss. 

However, hope lives on when it comes to Acne. Thankfully in their A/W10 collection there is another great idea that I'm going to have to explore...

No, not the great big silver forehead, but the chunky bracelets on the ankle / leg. I have 'ladies ankles' so this might be a physical possibility, but if it all goes pear shaped expect to see a woman walking around London with a stupid combination of cheap bracelets in search of the above mentioned metal worker to get them taken off. 

I will take this moment to add that I have prior experience of such things, having got my head stuck in the RAILINGS OF A BRIDGE in Central London when I was 3. My Mother had to call the fire brigade. I was truly a child prodigy. 

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