Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Moschino Obsession

There are some brands that take their heritage very seriously. I personally think Karl Lagerfeld is a MUCH better designer when working for the house of Chanel than when working for Fendi or his own label. When he has the tweed, the skirt suits, jersey and gilt chains to work with his natural wit shines. 

Moschino is a label that every now and then creates something glorious, but often misses the mark. The brand is known for it's playful character but I think something gets lost because of a lack of coherence. The punchline takes over from the design if you know what I mean. But not this A/W 10 season, like the S/S 10 before it, almost every look was perfect. Why? Because they had played with what Moschino once was - a brand that defined the 80's in many ways. They replicated many of the top hits and for some reason it really works right now...this is what Moschino is. 

And of course, somewhere behind the scenes ADR is helping out. I die. 

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