Thursday, 22 July 2010

Summer Dressing

I haven't really worn any of my summer dresses this year, I've been much more enamoured with shorts for some reason. 

But after an early morning pilates lesson I felt an urge for a bit of a dress up. I don't usually buy Primark stuff anymore - it's  so cheap you end up with piles of stuff you neither need nor wear, simply because the price tag says £3, but this Primark dress is one of my only purchases from there in the last year and cost £13. I couldn't stand the hassle of another silk dress going off to the dry cleaners and paying that amount for a clean (must stop buying silk dresses, totally impractical), so I thought a pretty cotton sun dress was a simple daytime option. 

I only went out on a quick errand and the builders around the corner made no attempt to conceal the fact they were trying to look up my skirt. The reality of fashion is so often a disappointment. 

Dress - Primark 
Shoes - NW3 by Hobbs

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